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Phụ kiện máy chưng cất đạm Buchi

Cung cấp phụ kiện cho máy chưng cất đạm Buchi Thuỵ Sĩ:

Item No.: 037377
037377 Set of sample tubes, glass, 300mL (4pcs)

Item No.: 043332
043332 Splash protector, glass
for K-350, K-355, K-360, K-370, K-375

Item No.: 11059690
11059690 Set of sample tubes, 300mL (20pcs)

Item No.: 043982
043982 Set of sample tubes, 500mL (4pcs)

Item No.: 11057442
11057442 Sample tubes micro (4pcs)

Item No.: 004133
004133 Tubing, silicone, 6/9mm, 1m, transparent

Item No.: 019002
019002 Connection piece, splash protector to suction tube

Item No.: 003907
003907 Rubber bung gasket for splash protector
for B-324, B-339

Item No.: 043068
043068 Rubber bung gasket with ring for splash protector
for splash protector of K-350, K-355, K-360, K-370

Item No.: 043065
043065 Rubber bung gasket with threaded fixation ring
for splash protector of K-350, K-355, K-360, K-370

Item No.: 11057035
11057035 Rubber bung gasket for K-375

Item No.: 003577
003577 Cap nut, SVL22

Item No.: 11056842
11056842 pH electrode for potentiometric titration
for K-375

Item No.: 002073
002073 Gasket, SVL22, PTFE
with silicone bearing

Item No.: 043187
043187 Set of accessories splash protector
for K-360, K-370

Item No.: 019010
019010 Suction tube PTFE, 6.8/0.76mm, 275mm, white

Item No.: 026128
026128 Sample tube, 500mL

Item No.: 043585
043585 Set of accessories splash protector
for K-350, K-355

Item No.: 043320
043320 Condenser, glass
for K-350, K-355, K-360, K-370, K-375

Item No.: 043129
043129 Set of bent connectors with caps, EPDM (4pcs)

Item No.: 043370
043370 pH electrode gel (without cable) for K-370

Item No.: 043116
043116 Gasket for 3rd party adapter

Item No.: 004113
004113 Tubing, Nyflex, 8/14mm, transparent

Item No.: 026013
026013 Unisil tubing, silicone, 6/10mm, semi-transparent

Item No.: 043356
043356 One-way valve, Ø7mm, PP

Item No.: 11057361
11057361 Distillate outlet pipe, 8/9mm, 195mm, PTFE

Item No.: 11057039
11057039 Holder for seal, incl. plastic ring
for K-375

Item No.: 015543
015543 Receiving vessel, glass, 330mL
for B-323, B-324, B-339

Item No.: 043590
043590 Splash protector, plastic
for K-350, K-355, K-360, K-370, K-375

Item No.: 043569
043569 Distillate outlet tube, 9/10mm, 265mm, PTFE

Item No.: 043173
043173 Set of titration tubings for K-370
connection tubing (1pcs), dosage tubing (1pcs)

Item No.: 003512
003512 Sher indicator, 100mL

Item No.: 043185
043185 Chemical supply tubing, Nylflex, 5/10mm, 5m

Item No.: 036900
036900 Splash protector, glass
for B-324, B-339, K-314

Item No.: 11056590
11056590 Stirrer for K-375
complete stirrer including connection cable

Item No.: 043039
043039 Holder for 6 sample tubes

Item No.: 043841
043841 Hose clamp, Ø11.9mm

Item No.: 003549
003549 Cap nut, SVL15

Item No.: 11058428
11058428 Set of gaskets for K-375 condenser

Item No.: 037780
037780 Cooling water tubing, nylflex, 13/19mm, 1500mm
including G3/4", G1/2", pressure ring (2pcs)

Item No.: 004139
004139 Cooling tubing, silicone, 4/7mm, 1m

Item No.: 11058157
11058157 Tubing, silicone, 8/12mm, 1.8m, flexible

Item No.: 043689
043689 Tubing, unisil, 6/8mm, 970mm, white

Item No.: 043439
043439 Tubing, silicone, 10/14mm, 1.8m, transparent

Item No.: 043205
043205 Connection piece, Ø12mm to Ø14mm

Item No.: 043119
043119 Suction tube, 3rd party

Item No.: 040043
040043 Set of seals for cooling water tubing
EPDM (2pcs), NBR (2pcs)

Item No.: 033763
033763 Power cable, 3 pole, 230V, plug C15

Item No.: 11056031
11056031 Dip tube, PVDF, 5/10mm, 285mm

Item No.: 043586
043586 Set of hose clamps, Ø7.6mm (5pcs), Ø9.6mm (5pcs)
Ø10.7mm (5pcs), Ø11.9mm (5pcs)

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Phụ kiện máy chưng cất đạm Buchi
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