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Phụ kiện bơm Chân Không

Phụ kiện bơm chân không hãng thiết bị Buchi:

Item No.: 047170
047170 Woulff bottle 05, glass, GL40, 125mL, P+G
Incl. holder

Item No.: 037287
037287 Set of hose barbs, GL14
olive bent (4pcs), cap nut (4pcs)

Item No.: 047156
047156 Set valve for V-700, valve (4pcs)
O-Ring, 15.4/1.55mm, FFKM, white (4pcs)

Item No.: 017622
017622 Vacuum tubing, natural rubber, 6/16mm, per m, red

Item No.: 004133
004133 Tubing, silicone, 6/9mm, 1m, transparent

Item No.: 038000
038000 Set of hose barbs, GL14, hose barb bent (4pcs)
hose barb straight (2pcs), cap nut (6pcs)

Item No.: 038010
038010 Control cable

Item No.: 003275
003275 KS-Clamp, ball socket joint 20/35

Item No.: 040023
040023 Set of gaskets, silicone, red (20pcs)

Item No.: 038225
038225 Gasket, GL14, FEP

Item No.: 041999
041999 Set gasket, GL14, gasket, FEP (10pcs)
cap nut, PA12 (10pcs)

Item No.: 047180
047180 Secondary condenser

Item No.: 038020
038020 Set membrane for V-500
membrane (1pcs), holder (1pcs)

Item No.: 047015
047015 Pump head for V-700/710

Item No.: 047160
047160 Valve unit for vacuum controller V-850/855, P+G
incl. holder

Item No.: 037966
037966 Glass head for V-500

Item No.: 041987
041987 Set of hose barbs, GL14, bent (3pcs)

Item No.: 040624
040624 Set of screw caps, GL14 (5pcs)

Item No.: 043129
043129 Set of bent connectors with caps, EPDM (4pcs)

Item No.: 038025
038025 Set of valve heads (2pcs)

Item No.: 047280
047280 Support set for R-210/215

Item No.: 037872
037872 Spring ring for B-414

Item No.: 044989
044989 Ethernet cable, 2m, RJ45 Cat.5e, gray

Item No.: 037642
037642 Set of hose barbs, GL14
hose barb straight (4pcs), cap nut (4pcs)

Item No.: 004113
004113 Tubing, Nyflex, 8/14mm, transparent

Item No.: 041939
041939 Set hose nipple

Item No.: 040040
040040 Set of gaskets, 8/1mm, FPM (10pcs)

Item No.: 027277
027277 Tubing, PTFE, 8/10mm, 1m, white

Item No.: 047151
047151 Inlet connector straight
incl. gas ballast, valve, O-Ring

Item No.: 045552
045552 Valve unit R-20x/V-500 sub

Item No.: 041977
041977 Set valve disc (4pcs), PEEK, seal in (2pcs)
seal out (2pcs), O-Ring (4pcs)

Item No.: 040277
040277 Anchor with membrane

Item No.: 047161
047161 Support pump

Item No.: 038120
038120 Set spare parts for V-500, membrane (2pcs)
valve head (2pcs)

Item No.: 000424
000424 Receiving flask, glass, BJ20/35, 500mL

Item No.: 11058389
11058389 Set of check valves V-700 (4pcs)

Item No.: 047164
047164 Holder for valve unit

Item No.: 047154
047154 Connection tubing, 6/8mm, FEP

Item No.: 040459
040459 Vacuum hose D6/16 L=2m

Item No.: 040295
040295 Set of hose barbs bent with cap nut, GL14, FPM
hose barb bent (4pcs), cap nut (4pcs)

Item No.: 047391
047391 Manometer with needle valve

Item No.: 037873
037873 Gasket axial, PTFE

Item No.: 047066
047066 Connecting piece

Item No.: 038190
038190 T-piece, GL14

Item No.: 025264
025264 Receiving flask, glass, BJ20/35, 500mL, P+G

Item No.: 000423
000423 Receiving flask, glass, BJ20/35, 250mL

Item No.: 047291
047291 Manometer, manual adjustment
Including support for R-210/215 and V-700/710

Item No.: 047190
047190 Secondary cold trap for V-700/710

Item No.: 047152
047152 Set connection piece for V-700/710, valve (1pcs)
connection piece 90° (1pcs)

Item No.: 041956
041956 Set of cap nuts, GL14 (10pcs)

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